Aseptika LTD

Kevin Auton

Managing Director

Kevin has developed self-monitoring using connected devices and services under the Activ8rlives brand, launching a range of consumer facing, "cross-over" medical devices in the UK, sales of which are increasing year-on-year. Passionate about healthcare and supporting others to learn how to self-manage their long-term conditions after developing a process for his own family. Previously the founder of NextGen Sciences in 2000, which was listed on AiM in 2005 at a valuation of £20million (and achieved a highly successful exit for early shareholders and himself) and Cellexus Biosystems which was listed on Plus Markets but had to go into Administration at the start of the Financial Crash started (2007) when investment suddenly dried-up, despite achieving all goals and milestones and initiated sales in the USA, UK, EU and Australia. Learning from this experience, Kevin has built Aseptika with the support of the team drawn to the Company’s ethos, in a slow, boot-strapped business model, generating early revenues, building an outward-facing and customer-focused attitude and de-risking technology development with grants and early revenues – and not adopting a biotech-burn model of the Company’s comparators/competitors. Kevin in the inventor of 9 granted patents, including “Biomarkers for respiratory disease” now granted around the world and “Respiratory Exercise Tolerance Index – BuddyWOTCH” both of which he has assigned to the Company. This will be a critical piece of IP as it will, he forecasts, be the most powerful of all the measures to monitor using AI-generated algorithms, in predicting which high-risk patients are about to exacerbate (get ill) within 7-14 days.. Kevin spends a lot (too much) of his time writing grant applications, loves running the Active+me classes teaching self-care using Activ8rlives and gets a buzz from leading commercialisation activities to exploit the Company’s technologies and converting this into products. Highlight of 2019: Discovering that a child with severe asthma and a history of 24 hospital admissions, has just avoided their 25th admission as a direct result of using Asthma+me developed by Aseptika with Sheffield Children’s Hospital.