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Remote temperature monitoring with IoT solutions for medicines and vaccines in health clinics, pharmacies and hospitals

By Kashif Mughees, Invisible Systems Ltd Added 6th Nov, 2020 Updated 26th Jan, 2022

Invisible Systems' wireless sensors can help healthcare staff to save clinical time in monitoring fridges, improve patient safety, deliver regulatory compliance, and reduce medicines waste, energy costs and carbon emissions.

Here are the key benefits Invisible System’s Remote Temperature Monitoring has to offer medical professionals:· No more labour-intensive human checks· Key staff members can dedicate more time to patient care· Proactive alerts prevent loss of life-saving medication, vaccinations, and research· All temperature data and alerts can be easily accessed on your mobile phone/tablet


Problem Statement

As the pandemic continues, the healthcare sector faces demanding workloads, a reduction in staff, and social distancing regulations.

A key fact about the COVID-19 vaccine is that it needs to be stored at -80 °C. Failing to do this would compromise the potency of the vaccine. 

According to the guidelines of the sanitary inspectorate, medicines and vaccines must be stored in refrigerators at a temperature of between 2 and 8°C. This is important because in medicinal products stored at the wrong temperature, active substances may decompose, which in themselves may be more toxic than the drug itself. When it comes to medical fridge temperature monitoring, these challenges may result in potential inaccuracy and lack of social distancing, both of which can be avoided using IoT wireless sensors.


Remote Temperature Monitoring empowers organisations to work safely and effectively, collecting vital data through industry leading IoT devices.

Using a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) ensures a low-cost, non-invasive and real-time medical temperature monitoring system. Accessed on the move, it is revolutionary in meeting MHRA compliance of medicines and vaccines and can also help in reducing stock loss. The NB-IoT temperature sensor is a low powered battery-operated sensor which includes a SIM card in each sensor, transmitting temperature data via the cellular network directly to Invisible Systems servers hosted in the UK in a ISO27001-compliant data centre, ensuring a cost-effective, secure and wide coverage even in remote locations.

Certificate of calibration

The sensors are calibrated by an accredited laboratory that compares the readings from the sensors with reference thermometers. The calibration is performed at 5°C, the optimum temperature for storing vaccines.

Use case

Watch our webinar now and listen to what users have to say: 


Paul Brown of NHS Suffolk Primary Care - achieving both clinical and business goals across 14 GP practices

Noel Gavin of Maynooth University - future rollouts due to expectations being exceeded.

Recently, Invisible Systems have been appointed as an official supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s ‘Spark’, a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), enabling us to deliver our innovative IoT solutions to government and the public sector.

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