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By Andres Mellik, Cognuse Inc. Added 3rd Mar, 2020 Updated 3rd Jun, 2020

CoNurse addresses the challenge of unwarranted care variation which is arguably the largest preventable cost driver in healtcare.

CoNurse is an elegant voice-guided platform for improving quality and reducing avoidable adverse events and patient harm.

We do so by radically improving the accessibility and consumption of clinical and nursing protocols, guidelines and checklists - CoNurse integrates seamlessly into clinical workflows to help ensure that content is followed always at the time and point of care.

Hands-free operation mode guarantees infection risk is mitigated, compliant with the hospital’s care quality goals.

An audit trail is outputted for each procedure completed with the help of CoNurse.


CoNurse has already been validated in four large hospitals with 120 nurses applying it to support over 70 nursing procedures. Implementations are currently under way in the UK, Germany, USA and Columbia.

With CoNurse you can ensure that for performing critical, infrequent and complicated procedures there is always an effective safety net for your staff to do the right thing every time!

While it effectively supports all members of staff in performing high-quality care actions, the application is just as effective in supporting discharged patients in self-management and home care scenarios.

Participating hospitals get a chance to:

  • transform your protocols and guidelines into content that your staff will want to use!
  • outline your challenge areas in patient safety and unwarranted variation;
  • work directly with the CoNurse team to address those challenges;
  • be empowered to create lean evidence-based clinical content at your organization;

The following are the summary steps we recommend are adopted when planning and making an implementation of CoNurse:

1. Review of past quality improvement programmes2. Identification of influencing contexts, performance factors and patient outcome and clinical targets3. Assessment of cost impact of meeting targets4. Identification of critical guidelines and options for piloting CoNurse5. Collaborative specification of key benchmark and criteria6. Design of pilot programme7. Execution of pilot programme8. Audit of pilot programme

We actively continue to work with large medical device vendors, infection policies and other care quality initiatives to provide the most safe and cost-effective care to your patient populations.


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