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Child immunisation

By Amy Frith, Inhealthcare Added 12th Aug, 2019 Updated 28th Aug, 2019

The digital child immunisation service gathers parental/guardian consent electronically for child immunisations


The digital child immunisation service enables consent from parents to be gathered at speed, avoiding the need for letters to be sent home to parents.

Working with community providers and schools, the service works by sending parents an email with a unique link to a questionnaire, specific to their child. The parents or guardian complete the questionnaire and the information is fed securely back to Inhealthcare.

Once the information reaches Inhealthcare, a notification is raised for healthcare professionals to review the response. The list of patients eligible for immunisation can be found via our Inhealthcare Professional app, and the healthcare professional can note the vaccine information which is transferred back into the community record.


  • Parents and healthcare professionals no longer have to rely on manual paperwork. Consent information is delivered at speed
  • Reduces costs
  • Simple to use for patients of all ages
  • Removes all paperwork and manual processes

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