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Activ8rlives' Active+me

By Kevin Auton, Aseptika LTD Added 15th Nov, 2017 Updated 1st Nov, 2023

Active+me: patient self-monitoring solution using Activ8rlives ( suite of products for patients self-monitoring physiological signs and symptoms at home, starting their recovery after heart intervention (procedure) or pulmonary exacerbation.

Used alongside clinically-proven rehabilitation pathways, it supports patients that have two or more morbidities, to become expert at self-management of their conditions, improving outcomes and reduce NHS service utilisation.

Active+me combines: medical technologies, devices, stratified healthcare and digital health. Culmination of 8 years product development and implementation of technology-enabled self-management trials for older people with multiple morbidities, as recovery pathway from illnesses such as cardiovascular disease or respiratory exacerbation (asthma, COPD, non-CF bronchiectasis).


Active+me provides:

• Safe, supervised and evidence-based group classes, delivered in the community by a Physical Activity Specialist (PAS).• Education in the use of Activ8rlives health monitoring technologies.• Peer support group(s) during which there are review session by PAS staff using participants-recorded data on the Activ8rlives portal.• Increased skills, knowledge and confidence of participants to better manage their own condition, measured through Patient Activation Measure (PAM).

NICE-approved rehabilitation classes, sometimes described as Level 3 or Phase 3, and typically follow NICE-approved syllabus delivered over 8-week period, usually with 2 classes/week. These are delivered by clinically-trained personnel in an acute treatment setting, with very close observation of the individuals during exercise.

Active+me fills the gap between existing health and care services. Evidence shows that people who are more activated are more likely to adopt positive behaviours and have clinical indicators within a normal range, resulting in 8% lower costs than those less activated in the fist year of support and 21% less in the second year.

PHCs at local leisure or community centres mentor and provide "light-touch" guidance, leading toward greater engagement of patients in proven Phase III CR programmes, while providing technical training alongside, in small "bite-sized pieces."

Changes in patient activation following cardiac rehabilitation using the Active+me digital healthcare platform during the COVID-19 pandemic BMC Health Serv Res 21, 1363 (2021).

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