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Bringing efficiency and patient flow across Health and Care

By Jozefina Majkic, JKM Care Solutions Added 14th May, 2016 Updated 9th Jan, 2021

VIDIMO, a real-time webtech platform bringing NHS Trusts (incl Ambulance and Mental Health) Adult Social Care and other care organisations together ‘in a virtual sense’; Not in a clinical, patient record way or that of a single trust or organisation, but something entirely more inter-connected...

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In effect, we’ve taken the Internet of Things (IoT) type approach and applied it to the Health and Care world: the Internet of Care (IoC).

Our approach not only provides one of the cornerstones for intelligent cities but enables staff, at all levels, across all care settings, to work more intelligently, with greater visibility but above all, more collaboratively. Improving quality of care whilst reducing manual overheads and patient delays remains at the heart of what we do.

By linking Ambulance and Acute trusts, Adult Social Care and other care organisation in this virtual sense, we’re creating a environment that encompasses every facet of the patient journey and providing a consistent set of digital tools for staff and management teams, regardless of care setting.

Empowering staff: releasing c2m staff days p.a. of manual overheads back to quality patient care (equiv to 9000 front-line FTE's).

Early Warning Systems (EWS): across an entire city/region, VIDIMO offers real-time OPEL status, A&E triage signature and automated escalation/de-escalation notifications.

Covid specific: within 30 mins of DHSC announcement, NightingalesLDN and its capacity was available via VIDIMO. Managed locally but visible to every Ambulance/Acute Trust and Local Authority across the city via conventional web browser.

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