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FebriDx -A rapid 'Point of care ' diagnostic test to reliably differentiate bacterial from viral infection in acute respiratory infection

By Sally Ann Furness, Prospect Diagnostics Ltd Added 28th Mar, 2017 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Introducing a breakthrough for antibiotics stewardship at the point of care!


Studies demonstrate that antibiotics are prescribed inappropriately for more than 50% of acute respiratory infections, despite a common viral aetiology.

STOP PRESS – a newly released UK Government review on anti-microbial resistance (AMR) advocates the development and better use of rapid diagnostics to prevent unnecessary use of antibiotics, available at

 – a rapid ‘point-of-care’ diagnostic test is available NOW to help reliably differentiate viral from bacterial aetiology of acute febrile respiratory infection. 

FebriDx® FIRST – The Pathway to Diagnosis Starts Here:

Accurate results eliminate diagnostic uncertainty

Enables GPs to make targeted and informed therapeutic decisions.

Supports patient discussion around the clinical pathway of viral infection.

Reduces unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics.

Optimises costs associated with clinical management of acute respiratory infection.

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