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By Helene Viatge, Cupris Health Added 29th Mar, 2016 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

Cupris Health develops smartphone-connected medical devices and a communication software (app and web platform) which enables the remote management and monitoring of patients’ conditions.


The Cupris Health Platform enables users to:

  • Capture clinical images of patient conditions using their smartphones
  • Add information using questionnaires, audio recordings, text input, and other tools built into the smartphone app
  • Securely connect with other Cupris Health users to share cases with them through the cloud service.
  • Discuss and monitor patient cases, and receive diagnoses of patient conditions without seeing patients in person.

Cupris Health is also working on algorithms that can be used to assist the diagnosis of patient conditions using clinical images and data. This will be an important aspect of Cupris’ value proposition in future.The software platform is cross-specialty so can be used for the remote consultation of a wide variety of health complaints. It can be used by GPs, ENT surgeons, nurses, and carers or patients themselves.

The smartphone-connected medical devices complement the Cupris Health software platform. The first device is a patent-pending Otoscope for examining the eardrum. The Otoscope can capture clinical images of the eardrum and it has been validated in testing with over 50 healthcare professionals. Cupris Health’s second device is an Ophthalmoscope for retinal imaging. Cupris Health plans to develop a stethoscope adapter so that it can offer a full GP Toolkit with the three main tools used by GPs.

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