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By Nick Garrett, North Yorkshire County Council Added 20th Jan, 2017 Updated 23rd Jul, 2019

We're creating a health innovation zone in a village to evaluate approaches to reduce social isolation and loneliness. Working with community development officers and technologists we'll be co-producing solutions which are focussed on outcomes related to improving health outcomes that stem from social isolation and loneliness.


There will be a strong technology element to the project. We have picked a village in North Yorkshire with good community capital and good technical capability (superfast broadband). We will be working collaboratively with primary care, town council and voluntary groups like the PPG.

Following evaluation a strategy will be developed to apply to the county of North Yorkshire. TheĀ innvoation zone will not exclusively be around health, in time, other IOT developments may take place that relate to integrating infrastructure, however these may have knock on benefits to health eg air quality monitoring sensors on lamposts.

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